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Asda Tickled Pink Muffins



Speedibake launches a new Asda Tickled Pink Muffin 2pk in support of Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign this October, and for every product sold, Speedibake will be donating to Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! charities to continue their vital work.

The Tickled Pink muffin is a delicious raspberry flavoured muffin with a raspberry jam filling topped with a pink icing and a jelly dot sweet. 

The packaging champions regular boob checking and educating consumers to be breast aware explaining:
‘Getting to know what’s normal for your boobs is important so you can spot any unusual changes early. So, it’s important to check your boobs regularly and see your GP if you notice a change. Visit for more breast awareness information.’

Yorkshire bakery Speedibake are proud to be supporting Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign with their new muffin, helping to raise funds for the vital work of these two charities which we know is proving difficult for some charities in the current times.

The new muffins are available in Asda in-store bakeries nationwide now and for the month of October.

Kate Robinson, NPD & Innovation Manager at Speedibake said: ‘We’re really pleased to support the brilliant work of the Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign this year for the first time.  We did have some fun with the muffins to make them look like a pair of boobs, but the product does have a serious message to help raise consumers awareness to be breast aware.  So, grab a pair today and help support this fantastic campaign!’